“The team at ProCare has helped me achieve the unthinkable- they helped me become the first bilateral amputee to complete the Ironman triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. Through persistence and constant innovation, they have helped me to complete the Ironman not just once, but twice. ProCare and the Scott Rigsby Foundation have partnered together to help enable individuals with loss of limb or mobility to live a healthy, active lifestyle”

- Scott

“ProCare has worked with me since day one to provide the most clinically relevant technology. The effort that they have put forth to grow with me and my needs has helped me to achieve my goals and pursue my dreams. Whether I’m outdoors playing golf, or enjoying my passion of photography, I can count on the service that I receive to help me live life to its fullest.”

- Mike

“I have been an above-knee amputee since 1960. In that time, I have seen almost every type and style of device. ProCare has helped me navigate the changes in technology to help me maintain the active lifestyle that I have known since losing my leg at 18 years of age. Today, I am able to enjoy active time with my grandchildren, fishing with my family and tending my garden. ProCare is continuing to make things possible for me and ultimately my quality of life.”

- Ken

“In 2014, Melissa was the tragic victim of a hit and run accident. After being critically injured and eight surgeries later, Melissa became a below-the-knee amputee. Melissa has shown tremendous strength and bravery during this life-altering event and is now ambulatory again. “ProCare has helped me turn this tragic accident into a positive learning experience. They helped me recognize my true potential and strength. I now know my abilities are not limited by my circumstances and I believe that my future is still full of endless possibilities.”

- Melissa

“When I moved to GA in 2012 ProCare was the place I knew I had to go for my legs! From day one their professionalism and family like treatment towards me was unlike no other. From day one I was impressed with every single little thing that they did to accommodate me, no matter what the situation was, they were always willing to do their best to meet my requests. I received my final two prosthesis from ProCare in the spring of 2013 and I am still wearing those same sockets and legs! It’s been difficult in finding a company like ProCare to meet my requests since I moved to CA in 2013 and I wish they had an office on the Westside...Thank you ProCare for going above and beyond in taking care of your customers and making them feel welcomed.”

- Juan

“We can’t begin to express how pleased we are and how blessed we were to be referred to ProCare after Sam’s accident nearly three years ago. Through the psychological pitfalls of an active 14 year old athlete suddenly becoming an amputee, through four amputations, the team at ProCare, especially Wells Petras and Kristin Carnahan, our family has been treated like you’d want to be treated - like a valued friend. I always brag about ProCare any time I get the chance to do so. “Making it Possible” is their slogan and their tireless work on Sam’s behalf for his comfort and mobility proves that they are committed to making it possible for each and every person who walks or rolls through their doors. ProCare rocks!”

- Judy

“In 2008, I was told my running days were over, in 2009 I had an amputation to allow me to walk and run again. In 2011, I found the prosthetists and technology that would not only allow me to run again, but to later run the Boston Marathon multiple times. ProCare is simply the best. Just like doctors and dentists and other healthcare professionals, not all are created equal. Through talent, dedication to their patients, and with perseverance that equals or exceeds the most demanding athlete, ProCare rises above their peers. Although I was advised to go to ProCare after my operation, I had to make my share of mistakes before making a move. The change in my prosthetics was unbelievably better, my new leg felt like I had imagined it should feel as a lifetime runner. If you are an amputee in discomfort and pain and are going nowhere fast, talk to ProCare. Well worth your time and effort to go to the best.”

- Richard

“ProCare has done a wonderful job for me this year. I was treated by wonderful people and most importantly with respect. They have a great and caring team. I’m sure all the patients will agree. They made me whole again. I am tremendously grateful.”

- Hughes

“ProCare has made it possible by giving me more than my mobility back. They’ve given me a support system, strength, hope and love. Essentially, ProCare has given me a second chance at positivity.”

- Alfredo

“Sarah and the ProCare team have taken excellent care of all my prosthetic needs. They are currently helping me make big changes to improve my current and future athletic goals and career goals by improving my current leg and giving me a new and improved leg as well.”

- Amanda

“ProCare has changed my outlook on life. They care about people and their successes. The employees are nice and caring. When my daughter died, not only did Stephen, the owner, come to the wake, he came to the funeral the next day as well. If ProCare were to be bought out by a bigger company today, that would be a very sad day. They are family to me.”

- Johnny

“ProCare has made it possible for me to have a full and productive life. The prosthetics I have received allow me to enjoy my favorite pastimes; exercising regularly and riding my motorcycle. I really appreciate their service and integrity in not only providing state of the art prosthetics, but providing me with a great quality of life.”

- Justin

“From the very first time I met with Autumn Hall to learn about what ProCare was as a company, I knew this was a special company. ProCare treated me as someone that they really valued and not just as a customer. They treated me like family. I was greeted by everyone with a smile and a hello. They really took their time in explaining the whole process from beginning to end and answered all the questions that I had. Josh and Sarah were my team of practitioners and they made sure that my prosthesis was to my liking. I would really like to say to the whole ProCare staff, thank you and I love you.”

- Shelton